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If you’re interested in cosmetic treatments and are located in Rootstown, Ravenna, Randolph, or Edinburg we’re here to help! At Yunbelievable Smiles, we don’t just offer teeth whitening and other cosmetic treatments, we offer full-service Botox and facial filler treatments.

Dr. Justin Yun is an experienced dentist and is qualified to apply both Botox and fillers, allowing you to take care of all of your facial and oral care needs in our comfortable, modern office in Rootstown. Wondering if Botox and fillers are right for you, or curious to learn more? Schedule a cosmetic consultation today!

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What We Offer

What is Botox?

Botox is the trade name for a series of facial care products that are derived from the botulinum toxin. While this toxin is dangerous when ingested, it can be injected into the skin without any harmful effects. It’s completely FDA-approved and certified.

Botox works by paralyzing some of the tiny muscles in the face, in areas where there are cosmetic issues like excessive wrinkling, fine lines, crow’s feet, and other imperfections. Once these areas have been injected, the skin “relaxes,” which helps smooth out lines, wrinkles and more.

Refine Problem Areas

What is A Facial Filler?

Facial fillers are usually composed of hyaluronic acid or collagen, depending on the areas that are to be treated. There are hundreds of different branded filler products out there, but they all work in the same way. 

Using a sophisticated injection system, fillers are delivered to areas of the face which are sagging or thin, such as lips that have thinned due to age, or cheeks with a “sunken” appearance. The added filler helps smooth and refine these areas, and provides them with a more plump and pleasing appearance.

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Safety & Side Effects

Are these Treatments Safe?

Rarely, side effects of Botox can include muscle stiffness, rashes, and itching. Some of the side effects of facial fillers can include swelling and bruising at injection sites and tenderness or itching, but these typically subside within a day or two.

Serious complications are extremely rare, as both of these treatments are very safe when delivered properly by an expert, such as Dr. Yun.

What to Expect

How Much Does THis Cost?

At our practice, we price Botox at $10 per unit. Depending on the procedure you require, and the total surface area of your face that needs to be treated, you may need between 12-50 units for your treatment. Dr. Yun will help you understand what your procedure will cost at your appointment.

The cost for dermal fillers can vary based on the products used and the areas that need to be treated, so we recommend contacting our office or scheduling a consultation with Dr. Yun to get an estimate for your treatment.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Getting Botox & Fillers at The Dentist!

If you choose us for Botox and fillers, you’ll be able to take care of all of your cosmetic treatments at our “one-stop-shop,” which saves you both time and money. So if you’re ready to schedule an appointment or curious to learn more, contact us today!

You can give us a call at 330-325-4184, or drop by our office near Randolf and Brimfield to schedule an appointment in-person. Our address is 4211 State Route 44, Suite 1750, Rootstown, OH 44272.

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